Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia
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The No.1 Concern that New Virtual Assistants Have

Nine years and + 5000 respondents later we can be confident that we know the answer to this.

Our Competency Assessment asks new virtual assistants about the level of competency they have in a range of areas. We also ask them what they are most concerned about and the biggest concern they have is “Where do I start”.

The other 2 main concerns are:

  1. Where do I find clients?
  2. Do I have the skills?

Starting out as a virtual assistant can be rather daunting as most of you won’t have been in this position before.  You will be tempted to get started right away, however, before you do there is some mind-set work to be done.

Where do I start if I want to become a Virtual Assistant?

Most of you will have had experience working as an employee and you therefore have the mindset of an employee.  There are a lot of benefits of becoming a virtual assistant in regards to flexibility and control but you should also consider the benefits that you can have if you think of yourself as a business owner or independent contractor.  You don’t have to just sell your hours.  As an employee you sold your hours.  Your employer paid you to show up to work for a set number of hours each day or week and in return they paid you a salary.

As a virtual assistant you are in control of your own time and earning potential.  You might start off selling your time because, let’s face it, it is the easiest way to get started.  Once you understand what you can achieve and have some ambition to increase your income (without increasing your hours that your work for clients) you should think like a business owner who is in business to turn a profit – not just sell their time.

The place to start is with yourself, think about what you want to achieve, how long you want to be in business for and when you leave the business do you want to sell it or do you want to use it as a springboard to becoming an “authority” so that you can develop your personal skills?

By answering these questions you are well on your way to developing a plan.  Creating a business is very simple and it is made up of a series of steps that you do in order.

  1. Start with the end in mind and create an exit plan.
  2. Work backwards from the exit plan to where you are today, breaking down the goal in reverse so that you have a goal for the first 12 months of operation.  For example, if your exit plan is to leave the business in 10 years time with $1million – in 5 years you would be aiming for $500,000, in 2.5 years $250,000 and in 12 months $100,000.  You goal would be to achieve $100,000 in the first 12 months of operation.
  3. Deconstruct your skills to convey them as a benefit to your clients.
  4. Decide on a target market or niche that would benefit the most from your skills, knowledge and experience. Take into account the things that you love to do.
  5. Do some research into where this target market hangs out so that you can get their attention.

These 5 simple steps will help you create a strong foundation for your business and will provide you with some direction so that you can develop an effective action plan moving forward.


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