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10 Questions to Ask to Convert Your First Client

Getting the right first client can make a huge difference to how quickly you grow your business.  It can have a major impact on your motivation and enjoyment so it is worth some of your time to think about who your first client should be.

It’s just not enough to pick up a client, any client!  You want to choose clients who you will work well with and who will provide you with support, testimonials and referrals (as well as pay on time, every time).  In my opinion, getting the right clients is a major step in growing your business.  These 10 Questions will help you interview your first client to make sure they will be a good fit for you and your business.

  1. How long have you been running this business?
  2. What made you get into this business?
  3. What do you love most about it?
  4. In regards to [insert the services you offer] what frustrations do you have, if any?
  5. If you had a crystal ball and no limitations, what would be a perfect solution for you?
  6. What projects or goals have you had for sometime and never achieved?
  7. What is your major goal for this year?
  8. Do you know how working with a Virtual Assistant works?
  9. So in regards to your frustrations which are [insert answer to question 4], if I could provide a solution to this would you be interested in working with me?
  10. When would be the best time to get started?

If, by the answers to the above questions you establish that they would indeed be a good fit for you and your service, you must act immediately.  Take the following 3 steps right away:

Step 1:  Send an email confirming your discussion, outlining the client’s next step and your next step.  (attach your Business Profile and marketing material that includes testimonials).

Step 2:  Do something for your client to thank them for their time – comment on one of their blog posts, give them a testimonial on Linkedin or another social media platform, mention their business in a blog post or comment, give a testimonial on a directory or something similar.

Step 3:  Most new clients will be expected to pay you an amount up front before you get started – send an invoice for the agreed amount and attach your Perfect Client Welcome Kit (downloadable from our members area)

Remember that personality plays a big part in how well you will work with your first client.  Take a personality test to work out the types of people you will work best with.  There are quite a few available online, but here a free personality type guide complete with a link to a free online personality test:

personality test guide

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This welcome kit includes an agreement and terms and conditions that has been reviewed by an Australian Lawyer.  This perfect client welcome kit helps you establish a strong relationship with the client from day 1.  It also provides you with ideas on how to add value to the client while not impacting negatively on your costs.  This special offer is a massive 85% off.