On this page information on how to become a virtual assistant in Australia, how it works and how to grow your business.  But first, this unsolicited testimonial from Sahana.

If anyone is dreaming of starting your own busines you should speak to Liz from 121temps. It will no longer be a dream, cuz Liz, Susan and the other team members from 121temps will help you to make it happen. Liz, a huge thank you to you for the support you provide. Susan, you are a star or should I say an angel. As dramatic as it may sound, that’s what you have been. Supporting me with everything I need to know to set up my home based business and also helping me build my confidence. Susan has not only responded to my queries but she also checks in with me from time to time to make sure I’m doing OK. I can’t thank you both enough, Susan and Liz thank you for everything. If anyone is thinking of working from home around your kids, it is possible. You just have to talk to Liz from 121temps.

Sahana Dhayalan Prodatalytics


Become a Virtual Assistant in Australia

We invite you to apply to partner with us and become a virtual assistant in Australia.

We help you become a virtual assistant by providing the training and support you will need to become”client ready” then we find you clients through VA Placements Online Directory and Search

When you join us, you will be bound by a Code of Conduct that is monitored by a Professional Standards Panel. Making clients confident you will do the right thing by them and the quality of your service.

We are the only VA Network that has a team to support you and we have many options on getting involved with our network depending on how much support you need to succeed.  No long term contracts, you can cancel at any time.

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What is a Virtual Assistant? Where do I Start?

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who works from their own home drawing on their admin and office experience to provide services to other SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) [Click here to view a sample list of services ]

How to Become a Virtual Assistant
We provide you with the steps needed to set up and find clients quickly. We provide all the support you will need to become a fantastic virtual assistant and take it in the direction you want.

Need help to find out if its right for you?
Book in a free chat and we can answer all your questions.  Just click on the “Schedule a Consult!” below and see our online scheduler where you can choose to speak to one of our team members.  You can book a free 15 min consultation with us.

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Continued Growth through Learning

We help you manage your virtual assistant business by keeping you abreast of new trends, technology and opportunities all accessible through our online VA Learning Centre, Online Courses and live Webinars.

A range of online learning packages that includes a multitude of business resources, just about everything you will need to get started and to continue to grow your business, including a marketing education program, a Virtual Assistant Handbook that follows the start up journey so you will cover everything you need to in the right order. [view our handbook]

In addition, we have a wide range of recorded Webinars and articles on topics from Sales to Online Marketing and a calendar of live webinars held regularly on simple to more complex topics.  We also monitor a closed live chat group where you can participate in lively business discussions.

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About the 121 Temps Team


CEO, Author and Trainer

Liz Parker, was a previous CEO and Senior Manager with advanced IT skills and an accreditation in workplace assessing and training who gave up her 6 figure income to start 121Temps in 2007.   Since then she has helped hundreds of virtual assistants and small business owners create successful businesses.  Currently a business mentor with the Australian Businesswomens’ Network and Smart Business Forum her knowledge, experience and approach to innovation will help you create the business you want.


Financial Manager

Lisa Walker, Systems Manager

With over 15 years experience in administration/bookkeeping as well as an experienced database designer and administrator who has advanced skills in training.  Lisa is an expert time manager who is well organised and able to assist new VA’s in this important aspect of running a business.  Lisa looks after our financial systems.



Virtual Support

Susan Wilkin, Virtual Support Consultant

With over 12 years experience using excellent team work to provide a high level of service to internal and external customers in personal assistant, human resource, accounts, administrative and hospitality positions, Susan offers our virtual assistant partners a high level of quality assistance to help them become involved with our partnership.  Susan excels in organisation and efficiency while working under extreme pressure.  Susan has been a successful virtual assistant for close to 6 years.


VA Placements Manager

Storm McManus, Virtual Communications Manager

Storm is an experienced classroom teacher with over 10 years experience managing communications and projects in the public sector.  Storm manages our VAPlacements program and she will be the person you deal with when applying for jobs.  Storm is also our communications strategist and manages our blogs, articles, training courses and social media.





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